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Charles Buchan's Football Monthly has a fascinating history since it was launched by Charles Buchan in September 1951. Since then it has had many owners, most of whom took it on as a labour of love.

There have also been many periods of change, most notably in the 1970s. However, while at Chelsea Football Club, Ken Bates rekindled life into the magazine when it was published regularly once again in the 1990s.

In December 1998, Charles Buchan's Football Monthly was acquired from Chelsea Football Club by Football Monthly Ltd when it was published briefly once again. Now, most of the entire collection is preserved and stored electronically to be accessed and used on a license basis.

The archives are the scanned version of the original Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly magazines. Buchan, who played for Arsenal, Sunderland and England started the magazine in 1951. It was the first magazine to cover the personalities, debates and issues surrounding football as the game rebuilt itself after World War II. Football Monthly was the most influential football magazine of its time. These valuable archives contain fascinating articles and comment on the game, issues and players as well as comic strip humour of the day plus original adverts. 

Football Monthly Ltd is a specialist publishing company and is now owned by SoccerAttic Ltd, publishers of vintage soccer content.